AN9003 Revisted

Back in the days before the Internet, Chris’ main vehicles for publishing his views on what was happening in this field were the regular Application Notes and and Technical Papers that MTL published using the prehistoric medium of printed paper.The most requested of these was AN9003- A Users Guide to Intrinsic Safety which was published 4 times over a 15 year time span. We are slowly putting the latest version together and to keep up with the times, this time it will be published on the MTL website. The first chapters can be found here.

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2 Comments on “AN9003 Revisted”

  1. Bob Squires Says:

    It’s very good to see this material available in online and paperless form – well done MTL and Chris! AN9003 has been an “IS Bible” over many years. However the PDF link sadly appears not to work (for me anyway).

    Keep up the good work.


  2. mtlinst Says:

    Update. There are now 5 chapters available and the links to the pdf files have been repaired. SAY.

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